StudentU Website

Client: StudentU
Type: Non-profit Education Website
Link: (coming soon)

Student U empowers students in the Durham Public Schools to own their education by developing the academic skills and personal well-being necessary to succeed in college and beyond.

The client was looking to rebrand their website to provide a structured CMS with more functionality then their existing one. The client provided project details, priority/ideal list, site map, and wireframes, branding materials, and examples which allowed for better and efficient project deadline on our part. The client wanted to:

  • Support a variety of assets (video, pdf, etc.)
  • Link to CRM
  • Multilingual support
  • Visual editor to easily manage and customize pages
  • Fast, responsive, and mobile-friendly
  • Clean up and optimize SEO
  • Install Analytics
  • Include interactive timelines, custom libraries, calendars

Additional requests included:

  • Interactive data charts/data visualization
  • Setup blog
  • Pop-up/alert support
  • Sync social media, connect widgets
  • Comment/chat features
  • Customization of search display

The process was took just over two months to complete. In the end we were able to meet 235/250 demands/requests. The customer provided a survey saying they were 97% satisfied with the result.


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