Andrew Ross Shingleton (born 5 December 1991) is an American artist, designer, developer, and entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. He is a founder of clothing brand — Sky Tribe, gaming app — Digitalcade, and creative agency, Eyeconico.

Growing up, Andrew was gifted in the arts with a particular interest in branding. In high school, he began designing and selling t-shirts to classmates and online. In 2010, he formed Sky Tribe, a clothing brand, that since has amassed a following on the internet.

While attending college, Andrew conceptualized an idea for a startup called Digitalcade, a skill-based gaming app that would enable unlimited massive multiplayer competitions across any device in real time using a proprietary time-based lobby system. Two years later, Digitalcade secured an angel investment and product development began.

Recently, Andrew and his team launched Eyeconico, a creative engine for brands that offers services such as graphic design, web/application development, and more.

Fast forward, Andrew currently operates out of Durham, North Carolina where he is constantly working to change the landscape of the future through art and technology.