Sky Tribe

Company Profile

Sky Tribe
A state of mind & way of life

Founded: 2010
Founders: Andrew Shingleton, Lester Nare
Headquarters: RTP/LA
Products: Clothing, shoes, accessories


Sky Tribe is a world wide brand and movement that crafts functional, comfortable, timeless pieces. Known for it’s forward-thinking approach, Sky Tribe has been spreading it’s feathers since 2010. From tops and bottoms to headwear and accessories, Sky Tribe’s creative services empower brands to reach their full potential.


Empowering people to reach their full potential through iconic products


Sky Tribe sells apparel, accessories, and other products aimed at functional, comfortable, and timeless purpose. Our storefront includes hats, shirts, bottoms, and more. Our process crafts beautiful imagery with materials that naturally work with any lifestyle. Join the movement and receive your first shipment of gear today.


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