Principles of Art

Pattern Pattern refers to the repetition or reoccurrence of a design element, exact or varied, which establishes a visual beat. Rhythm/Movement Rhythm or movement refers to the suggestion of motion through the use of various elements. Proportion/Scale Proportion is the size relationship of parts to a whole and to one another. Scale refers to relating size to a constant, such as a human body. Balance … Continue reading Principles of Art

Elements of Art

Line Line is the path of a point moving through space Shape/Form Shape implies spatial form and is usually perceived as two-dimensional. Form has depth, length, and width and resides in space. It is perceived as three-dimensional. Color Colors all come from the three primaries and black and white. They have three properties – hue, value, and intensity. Value Value refers to relative lightness and … Continue reading Elements of Art


Company Profile Eyeconico Creative Engine For Brands About Eyeconico is a design firm based out of Los Angeles that collaborates with clients to create the ideal content to advance the brand’s agenda. Known for it’s forward-thinking approach, Eyeconico has been building relationships with artists, athletes, brands, and businesses for over 6 years. From graphics and websites to video production and e-commerce, Eyeconico’s creative services empower … Continue reading Eyeconico

Sky Tribe

Company Profile Sky Tribe A state of mind & way of life Founded: 2010 Founders: Andrew Shingleton, Lester Nare Headquarters: RTP/LA Products: Clothing, shoes, accessories Website: About Sky Tribe is a world wide brand and movement that crafts functional, comfortable, timeless pieces. Known for it’s forward-thinking approach, Sky Tribe has been spreading it’s feathers since 2010. From tops and bottoms to headwear and accessories, … Continue reading Sky Tribe